09/20/2014 theatre / audio project / video project

The slogan WHERE'S THE REVOLUTION SCUM? is a famous graffiti from Zagreb which appeared on the wall of student dorm Stjepan Radić during the 90ies. Unlike the slogan LMWCL, which is protected by copyright, the slogan WHERE'S THE REVOLUTION SCUM? is a public good. Its author is anonymous.


WHERE'S THE REVOLUTION SCUM? is a performance about an edited recording of the performance LMWCL which has been banned for copyright infringement. The performing collective of LMWCL – The Choir of Little People – consisted of the deprived members of the Croatian society: Old People, Dykes, Workers, Serbians, Women, Blacks... They sang against injustice and burgeoning fascism in the Croatian society. But pop-music didn’t become a tool that could directly cause social changes.

The performance LMWCL is gone. It’s repertoire of battle songs has been censored. The Choir of Little People has stopped in front of institutional obstacles – what is left are its digital remains.

WHERE'S THE REVOLUTION SCUM? is a performance about legal consequences of the attitude that music can be shared without any loss. The performance WHERE'S THE REVOLUTION SCUM? has been created under the pressure and discrepancy between the context of censorship mutilation and the self-censorship that turned into a new context. WHERE'S THE REVOLUTION SCUM? is a performance about vanity, hypocrisy, and inconsistency in the society that deems money its highest value.






Director: Borut Šeparović / Music producers: Borut Šeparović i Konrad Mulvaj / Choreograph and directors assistant: Nataša Mihoci / Performers: Buga Klara Blanuša, Andreja Dodig, Nataša Mihoci, Konrad Mulvaj, Ante Perković / Video editing: Dejan Oblak and Borut Šeparović / Camera: Vjekoslav Gašparović / Live camera: Szerda Zsofia / Technical director and lightning design: Miljenko Bengez / Sound technician: Branko Puceković, Dino Mudrić / Costume advisor: Ivana Popović / Photography: Szerda Zsofia and Damir Žižić / Graphic design: Konrad Mulvaj / Production: Montažstroj / Co-production: Zagreb Youth Theatre / Donators: Croatian house Foundation, Kultura Nova Foundation, City office for education, culture and sport - Zagreb, Ministry of culture of the Republic of Croatia / Partners: Zagreb center for independent culture and youth – Pogon and Centre for culture and information Maksimir / Sources: D. Alexander, R. Asheton, S. Asheton, D. Avdić, Björk, Z. Cvetković, V. Divljan, Lj. Đukić, B. Eno, A. Gill, S. Gojković, J. Houra, Lj. Jovanović, Katarina II, Z. Kolar, N. Krstić, M. Mladenović, Đ. Otašević, I. Pop, N. Romić, S. Šaper, Šarlo Akrobata, A. Vasiljević, S. Vukičević, Z. Vulović

Performance WHERE'S THE REVOLUTION SCUM? is based on the self-censored and edited recording of the performance LMWCL.